Peak Climbing / 高山攀登


Peak climbing is one of the most challenging adventure sports in Nepal. Though small in area, Nepal offers extensive opportunity for peak climbing and full scale mountaineering adventure to the adventure enthusiasts with over 1500 peaks that are above 5000 m. It is a great compromise for those who are short on time or simply wish to get a taste for what the big mountains have in store. Our guides are highly experienced and are well-trained to take you safely into the thin air region of the majestic Himalayas. They are particularly concerned about the acclimatization process. The most popular peaks for climbing are island peak, Lobuche peak, Tilicho peak, Dhampus peak and many more.

攀登高峰是在尼泊尔最具挑战性的冒险运动之一。虽然面积小,尼泊尔提供了峰登山和满量程登山探险的探险爱好者超过1500峰高于5000米广泛的机会。它是为那些谁是在很短的时间或者干脆希望得到的大山在商店里什么味道很大的让步。我们的导游是具有丰富经验且训练有素带你安全地到了雄伟的喜马拉雅山脉的空气稀薄地区。他们特别关心的驯化过程。登山最流行的峰峰值岛,罗布崎峰峰值,蒂利乔峰, Dhampus峰等等。