Pashupatinath / 帕斯帕提那寺

Pashupatinath Temple is the Nepal's most sacred Hindu site located on the banks of the Bagmati River in Kathmandu. Pasupatinath is the guardian spirit and the holiest of all Shiva shrines in Nepal. Hindu devotees plunge into the river daily and recite the verse from the ancient Vedas. It is believed that plunging or bathing into the holy river releases from the cycle of rebirth. The entrance of the temple is from all the four sides and is decorated by gold-gilt doors. Inside the temple there is a narrow walk engulfing the sanctum from where one can have closer view of Shivalinga. On the both sides of each door of the temple there are artistic niche of different sizes containing attractive images of Apsara, Ashtha Bhairava and other gods and goddess paintings which have been done in gold. Shivalinga of Pashupatinath is 3 feet high and is four faced. Pasupatinath area is regarded as one of the most important places of pilgrimages for the followers of Hinduism in the entire world.


Day 1: Pick up from Airport and move to Hotel in Kathmandu.

Day 2: Drive to Pashupatinath. Visit holy and Archaeological Sites of Pashupatinath then overnight stay at Hotel.

Day 3: Departure to Airport and back to Home.

帕斯帕提那神庙位于巴格马蒂河在加德满都的银行尼泊尔最神圣的印度教网站。 Pasupatinath是守护精神和神圣的尼泊尔所有湿婆神龛。印度教信徒每天一头扎进河里,背诵古吠陀的诗句。据认为,暴跌或沐浴到圣河排放从重生的循环。寺庙的入口是从所有的四个侧面,是由金鎏金装饰门。寺内有一狭窄的步行路程席卷从那里可以有Shivalinga的近距离观察的圣地。对寺庙的每个门的两侧有大小不同的含仙女, Ashtha陪胪及其他诸神的吸引力的图像和女神的画作已在黄金已经完成的艺术定位。帕斯帕提那寺的Shivalinga为3英尺高,为四面对。 Pasupatinath区域被视为朝圣的印度教在整个世界的追随者中最重要的地方之一。