Kathmandu Durbar Square / 加德满都杜巴广场

Kathmandu Dubar Squre tour is one of the most excellent memorable tour in Nepal. The tour is especially famous for religious, cultural and historical. It is listed in UNESCO. The place often called as Basantpur, Hanuman Dhoka. The area is surrounded by famous temples and small beautiful temples. It is supposed to be built in 16th and 17th century. 
The area is famous for most historical temples likewise Teleju Temple, Jagannath Temple, Hanuman Dhoka and many more. You take more memorable experienced by visting Kathmandu Dubar Squre exploring some unique style of temples. Your Guide Nepal Tours compnay manges 1-2 days packages in good price to all age of groups. 

Day 1: Pick up from airport transfer to hotel as your budget.
Day 2: Wake up morning, after having breakfast set off Kathmandu Dubar Squre Tour with experienced guide to make your day easy.
Day 3: Final Departure.


加德满都Dubar SQURE之旅是最优秀的难忘之旅在尼泊尔之一。游览特别著名的宗教,文化和历史。它被列入联合国教科文组织。这个地方经常被称为Basantpur,哈努曼多卡。该地区是著名的寺庙和小美丽的寺庙包围。它应该是建于16世纪和17世纪。
该地区是著名的历史最悠久的寺庙也Teleju寺,贾格纳神庙,哈努曼多卡等等。你需要更多的难忘经历visting加德满都Dubar SQURE游览寺庙的一些独特的风格。您的指南尼泊尔旅游COMPNAY manges1-2天包的好价钱各年龄组。

第2天:醒来的早晨,吃早餐掀起加德满都Dubar SQURE旅游经验丰富的导游后,使你一天轻松。