Bus Ticketing / 公交票务

Tourist Bus

Tourist buses are commonly used for providing a good view. These buses are larger than regular transit buses with 2 to 4 axles. This luxury tourist bus is accomplished with 35 comfortable seats arranged in river side and hill side which operate daily as Kathmandu – Chitwan – Kathmandu and Kathmandu – Pokhara – Kathmandu. The bus leaves at 7 am and 7:30 in the morning from Kantipath, Kathmandu and Pokhara, respectively. The last station in Kathmandu is Shorakhutte outskirts of Thamel and tourist bus park in Pokahara.  The fully air-conditioned interiors will keep you cool during hot summers and humid monsoon and heaters will keep one warm and cozy during the winters.

旅游巴士通常用于提供一个很好的观点。这些公交车比普通公交车2〜 4轴大。这家豪华旅游客车完成与排列在河边和山边35间舒适的座位而作为日常工作加德满都 - 奇旺 - 加德满都加德满都 - 博卡拉 - 加德满都。公交车离开,在上午07时和从Kantipath ,加德满都和博卡拉,分别为早晨7:30 。在加德满都的最后一站是泰美尔的Shorakhutte郊区和旅游巴士停放在Pokahara 。在全空调的室内设计将在夏季炎热和潮湿的季风和加热器酷让你会保留一个温暖,舒适的在冬天。