Bird Watching / 观鸟

Nepal is full of natural beauty and natural beauty is the real beauty of artificial beauty. Nepal is a paradise for the birdwatcher. There are more than 850 species of birds here in Nepal. There are many such places for bird watching among them Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is also the one. You can explore the forest of Koshi Tappu safari riding on elephant back. During the Koshi Tappu Safari at dusk and dawn time you will see many varieties of birds and animals sitting along the river. The best place to watch the bird species is the Barrage, downstream of the river. As bird watching becomes immensely popular, specialized bird watching tours are offered in different national parks and wildlife reserves. One of the best times to visit this site is in February and early March when the main wildfowl passage takes place.

尼泊尔充满了自然之美和自然之美是人造美女真正的美。尼泊尔是一个天堂的观鸟。有超过850种鸟类在这里尼泊尔。有很多这样的地方观鸟其中志Tappu野生动物保护区,也是之一。您可以探索志Tappu野生动物园骑在大象后面的森林。在志Tappu Safari浏览器在黄昏和黎明时,你会看到许多品种的鸟类和动物坐在沿河的。观赏鸟类的最佳地点是弹幕,河流的下游。观鸟变得非常流行,专业观鸟之旅是在不同的国家公园和野生动物保护区提供。一个最好的时代访问这个网站是在二月和三月上旬,当主通道野禽发生。